The Palace team competition rolls along so well Y’all hardly even notice I do anything! LOL!

Race Director has kept this specific team competition true to its original roots so this is all we will need to plan to do the Palace’s historic team competition.

The Palace team competition has always been about outright speed. The competition was originally set up with a 7 person MAX team roster where the 5 fastest runners times are added together and the lowest time for the 2 team divisions wins. (Men & Women divisions).

We award the top two teams in each division as we have in years past.

Team registration deadline is Thursday April 11th at the close of early packet pick-up, at the Palace Saloon, between 4-7 on Thursday, April 11th.

Ideally, this really needs to be the last opportunity to change a team roster….but we can be somewhat flexible with that deadline.  In order to enter the team members into the race database, we need a 24 hour notice.

NO race day changes allowed. Period. End of discussion. You cannot wait till race day and insert a “ringer” into the competition.

Runners must register individually. Seven member team rosters must be sent to Race Team Coordinator, Tim Unger, (, I need those lists 24 hours in advance of race in order for teams, and their race bibs, to be entered into the race database.